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Sitting at Tim Horton's with a Hazelnut coffee, my computer, and my youngest son. He got his license on Monday, so he is mobile now. He's living with his grandfather still, and he is still working at Mickey D's. He's a good kid, really. Both of my sons have turned out pretty good - it was touch & go there for awhile, but they turned the corner.

Been spending time with my neighbor's mother, she has colon cancer and lung cancer, and she is on hospice care, so I thought that I would help out a little here and there, because the family is doing it all on their own. I had to, how could I not, especially since I have the training. No, they don't pay me, but they are more like family, so that is okay with me. Going again on Tuesday.

Okay, youngest is giving me the wonky-eye, I think he is ready to go, so.....

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