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Sit down you're rocking the boat.


We're almost fully caught up financialy. All things keep on track we will be square at the beginning of March. Able to truly relax and start being able to buy the things we have opted to go without in April. 

B invited everyone in guild to the wedding. It is a bit far for everyone. Disco responded with "I'll be busy." which isn't rude in itself but the tone and such was quite snippy. She then whispered me about how  she wouldn't drive that far for someone she didn't care for and just went on and on.  I said "He is just trying to be nice and include everyone because he feels included here and close to everyone. He likes you and says nice things about you."

She said "Well he only feels included because he decided to actually show up for more than a month straight."

"We had words this last summer but since then he has been here every week. He logged on from a train in Japan and around tours on his vacation. I can't be upset with him when he gave in."

That was all regarding him joining last spring coming one day. Missing 3 weeks and then being angry he was told he couldn't be on the team til his schedule opened up. He eventually apoligized but we had a few weeks of back and forth. His point was that since he was a good player, he should get to come and go as he pleased. My pont was that you make a team by everyone who wants to do that thing showing up and doing the thing. If you don't show up, then you can't do the thing, it's not fair to the grown ups who have x amount of time to show up to rely on reliable people but that we still liked him and wanted to hang out and do other things.  When the new season started he came and asked iif he could join up again. And never missed another night. Even times when I certainly wouldn't have shown up, like on vacation.   He has been a model attendee ever since  then. For her to be upset about it is ridiculous. Especially since it is really My problem, my raid leads problem and maybe the other officers. Its nothing she needs to even worry about. 

The truth is once years ago he invited us all to an activity for 5 people. We did it and she was cheerful. Later we did the same activity with 5 people and she wasn't on. We took someone else. When we went back to if we had six. I offered to sit out and just stay in chat with everyone to hang our. For whatever reason she absolutely lost her shit. Went off about how awful he was because she thought that it would only ever just be the original 5.  I tried to explain that it was fine and I could just get caught up later. I wasn't planning on not hanging out. I'd just wait out the group. But even though it wasn't her she enraged and wouldn't join it and has hated him ever since.  I think it was a pregnancy mood swing though I would never ever tell her that. But her dislike of him has been over the top since that moment. I doubt she even remembers why she has this crazy vendetta against him.

This is the girl who flipped her lid because her kid was going to pee on a bush at my backyard wedding.   She also told me tonight about how she is going to get a tattoo sleeve that represents her love of nature and the great out doors. I just ddin't say anything. She reminds me of Reverend Lovejoys wife in the simpsons. Just always has to be up in arms about something.

Tonight I was just over it. Its ok to not want to go to the wedding. I certainly don't want to go for many reasons. But you don't have to be rude to him when he has been nothing but kind.. We love her but she can be ba little intense. And she is weirdly weirdly supportive of J.  We are a close bunch and most of us have been gaming together for years. We disagree on things and some of us, like J have enormous egos. She is hugely defensive if anyone critisizes him. He is young and when we had 2 people on our team who used to own the internet cafe he would go to when he was a freshman in highschool would say something about him being young..She would have a hissy fit about how they need to treat him with respect. I didn't think it weas a big deal. If he wants people to stop treating him like hes young maybe he should have some more birthdays. I bet her husband thinks its weird the way she puts him on a pedestal. Its interesting to see our group who have been together for years and figure out where people fall ona  givin issue. What alliances form,

Either way today I felt she was being a little over the top in her refusal. Just say congratulations and hope you have a nice day. He knows its a to dfar drive. Thats why we didn't have our wedding there. All our people are right here.

I did talk to everyone about going to see the Terracotta warriors when they come though. I think we'll be going around the end of May.  We have 2 of the girls that want to come. And maybe Disco and her kids as well. We might be able to snag a few more. I love that we live close enough to get to do things together. I hate like crowds and really prefer to just be in our cozy apartment cooking dinner and making art projects but this should be fun.  Maybe well see if they want to go camping on the fourth....though I definetly think we can count a few people out as F showed up last year...and was a little rowdy with the fire works and concerned a few people..and i am not sure taking them down to the fireworks warzone of the beach would be his cup of tea. But a few might go. We could go camp.

We didn't paint our abstract painting on valentines day. We bought a weird 2 tiered end table to make our second night stand. Its round and maybe a little to tall because of the secont tier but we painted it to match the rest of our stuff. I just need to find  some cute glass bowls or baskets to go in the middle on the first tier. And maybe some cool art piece or tray for the top tier...and coasters because i dont want to have to paint them again.

My mom just asked me if I worked all weekend because she wanted to visit...yep every weekend mom. I wish she had told me weeks ago so I could have gotten a day off. I'd love to see her. But we've put off some basic things during our months of tight purse strings and I really would prefer she saw our apartment after I have money for the non nessecities..like we havelights burned out in a few places..its fine we can still see but its a minor  small expense that hasn't made it to the top of the list. Please guys. 6 weeks. April I am going to have my household budget back and my house will be all in order and I can have candles and wax burners and replace the rugs into the bathroom with new fluffy ones and buy my correct brand of make up and all the things that make life comfortable again.  Til then no. No one can come over.  We're in try to not rock the boat mode.

But I do wish I had the day off so I could see my mom.

I've been havign a bad few weeks at work because they have been putting me on the floor and not back in my nice safe not out in the world fitting room. I don't mind being on the floor. I just loathe register. People are rude and I don't enjoy it. I'm so torn. Being ont he floor makes me want to look for a different job. But this job gives mt eh hours I want, and gives me time to work on writing silly books with my husband and paint pictures and play video games and go to museums and do the things that make our lives feel full. And I am already used to the people. But damn I hate being on the floor. 

I guess thats all. 


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